Ideas Tank – ‘Brand Groupies’

Brands  are constantly evolving and so to are the ‘brand groupies’. Innovating our brand is not only about the brand, but more importantly it is about being diligent in monitoring the perceptions of our target market.

The world of Brand is invigorating and exciting in that it offers the strategist an ongoing challenge – the challenge of staying one step ahead of the what your competitors are doing and the emotional needs of your ‘brand groupies’. The emotional link to brand is what maintains the relationship between the consumer and the products.

We can liken a brand to a Rock Group with a large following, hence the use of the term ”Brand Groupies’. The group has to bring out hit after hit to keep  it alive in the mind of its followers and to fill stadiums. Such is the visbility of brand, we fill the mind of the consumer by using the marketing tools that are available to us and the challenge for the product/service is to ensure that we know our audience well enough to select the correct brand communication channels.

The idea behind the ‘Ideas Tank’ is to provide updates on innovation in the market keeping the client and consumer aware of the latest developments in trends and communication channels.

Intellectual Property: Briony Bosse

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