Our Integrated Approach

Today’s world is full of ideas.

Many of us are frustrated with their progress. Startling and brilliant ideas get compromised. Many don’t turn out as planned. And some simply never see the light of day.

At Desert Rose Est. 1962, we love ideas too. Big ideas, clever ideas, revolutionary ideas, new ideas. Ideas innovate the world. We’re passionate about them

But we can all recount the withering disappointment of having them fail to happen.

So we started Desert Rose Est. 1962. To create innovative ideas, and to build healthy brands and empowered people by establishing strong business strategies and a clear vision for the future, to bring the great idea to life.

Because you know what? A great idea that fails to happen can be an absolute tragedy. And that goes for any great idea, not just the ones you have yourself.

Healthy brands, people and businesses are established from one great idea.

Any, ideas that go unrealised may just be the biggest cost in business. So big, in fact, that no-one seems to want to try to quantify the impact of their not happening.

Better just to get over it?

Well, no. We think there’s nothing worse than a wasted idea or a brilliant plan that was never executed. These things need Establishing.

And it’s why you might want to find out what we can do for you.

Building Brands, Building People, Building Businesses

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”

CoCo Chanel

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