Our Integrated Approach

We’ve all heard of The Knowledge Economy. People talk about us entering The Conceptual Age. You’ve read about Intellectual Capital and The Business of Ideas.

Today’s world is full of ideas.

Many of us are frustrated with their progress. Startling and brilliant ideas get compromised.  Many don’t turn out as planned. And some simply never see the light of day. This, despite huge investment in the people and the systems to generate them.

At Desert Rose Est. 1962, we love ideas too. Big ideas, clever ideas, revolutionary ideas, new ideas. Ideas innovate the world. We’re passionate about them

But we can all recount the withering disappointment of having them fail to happen.

So we started Desert Rose Est. 1962. To create innovative ideas, and to build healthy brands and empowered people by establishing strong business strategies and a clear vision for the future, to bring the great idea to life.

Because you know what? A great idea that fails to happen can be an absolute tragedy. And that goes for any great idea, not just the ones you have yourself.

Healthy brands, people and businesses are established from one key idea.

Any  ideas that go unrealised may just be the biggest cost in business. So big, in fact, that no-one seems to want to try to quantify the impact of their not happening.

Better just to get over it?

Well, no. We think there’s nothing worse than a wasted idea or a brilliant plan that was never executed. These things need Establishing.

And it’s why you might want to find out what we can do for you.

Our business is built on partnerships, with key creative’s.  We not only create the idea, we build the brand, the people and the business, we show you how to develop it from a zero based platform from the “inside out, versus outside in”.

Desert Rose Est. 1962 prides itself on being an Establishment that is consistently looking at innovative ways to move forward whilst never losing sight of the creative aspect of the design. Most importantly, we have fun whilst innovating your brand!

Opportunities exist for all they are available if you would like to take your business to the next level.

There is not time like the present all it could take is fresh ideas and a new way of communicating with your internal and external fans.

We  have demonstrated the principles that we embrace in our business in terms of our creative consciousness and our experience of creativity in our lives and that of  the businesses and people with which we interact and we look forward to working with you to establish an unforgettable brand experience.



Definition: The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation.

Desert Rose Establishment 1962 constitutes a Creative and Communications element with the creative line focusing on the promotion of our  jewellery line, namely HuBo Original Designs due for release later this year.

The communications element, which is our main focus, provides professional assistance in Business Training, People Training, Training in Brand,  Business Strategy, Business Establishment, Brand management, Brand Evaluation, Brand Audit, Business and Marketing Plans, Campaign Establishment, structuring of Business Models from Non Profit through to establishing a new small business.

Desert Rose Establishment 1962 believes in outsourcing and partnering in projects with professionals in the mentioned areas of expertise.

Strong communicators with leadership qualities and the creative ability to build brands, drive product innovation and tap into leading international trends, ensures that Desert Rose Establishment 1962 manages and meets the expectations of its target audience.

“Building Brands, Building People, Building Businesses”