Building Brands


“Brand” is defined as a relationship that secures future earnings by creating customer loyalty.

Integrated Brand Communications replaces the previously popular Integrated Marketing Communications. In IBC we move from a marketing based development to a zero based platform that encompasses a holistic approach to the brand. It is a holistic communication strategy that integrates all communication activities such as public relations, advertising, investor relations and employee engagement to manage the company’s most precious asset – its brand.

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the importance of the internal relationships from finance through to all brand touch points. The development of internal strategic understandings and determining of correct brand value are vital to the establishment of strong investor relations and the realisation that their brands are their most precious assets. Brands are increasingly being managed for total business value creation and positioned as a core organisational principle.

The concept of Integrated Marketing Communications no longer plays a pivotal role in the establishment of a strong brand that wants to create longevity. The establishing of silos that compartmentalise the marketing process have no proven track record and do not present the best ROI for the brand.

Integrated Brand Communications focuses on building the message to shift perceptions by delivering precisely targeted messages that rise above the clutter – we optimise the power of your message by determining the optimal media mix to propel the target audience towards an intense loyalty to your brand.

IBC is an organic process one that can be fed, nurtured and made stronger by active involvement of all strategic avenues.
We at Desert Rose focus on creating brand value with measurable returns.

A brand’s value is the financial representation of a business’s earnings due to the superior demand created for its products and services through the strength of its brand. (Interbrand, 2009)



Definition: The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation.

Desert Rose Establishment 1962 constitutes a Creative and Communications element with the creative line focusing on the promotion of our  jewellery line, namely HuBo Original Designs due for release later this year.

The communications element, which is our main focus, provides professional assistance in Business Training, People Training, Training in Brand,  Business Strategy, Business Establishment, Brand management, Brand Evaluation, Brand Audit, Business and Marketing Plans, Campaign Establishment, structuring of Business Models from Non Profit through to establishing a new small business.

Desert Rose Establishment 1962 believes in outsourcing and partnering in projects with professionals in the mentioned areas of expertise.

Strong communicators with leadership qualities and the creative ability to build brands, drive product innovation and tap into leading international trends, ensures that Desert Rose Establishment 1962 manages and meets the expectations of its target audience.

“Building Brands, Building People, Building Businesses”